Women Leadership Group

Established in April 2024, we are excited to share some positive developments within our organisation that reflect our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone

We believe that by empowering and uplifting women within our organisation, we contribute not only to individual growth but also to the overall success and reputation of TW Group.

The Women Leadership Group aims to inspire growth, both individually and collectively, by creating a positive impact within TW Group and the broader community. Our focus is not only on supporting women currently within the organisation but also on preparing for the future by welcoming new staff and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.

To achieve this, we are exploring various avenues, including upskilling programs, coaching/mentoring initiatives, and the development of inclusive policies. We aim to create safe spaces and environments that foster growth, both internally and externally.

As we continue to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in our communities, we draw inspiration from women around the country that reminds us that with perseverance, vision, and a commitment to our values, anything is possible.

Your voice matters. Your input, ideas and thoughts are invaluable as we navigate this journey together. We encourage contribution to our discussions and initiatives.

Please direct all communications through to: swig@twgco.co.nz 

Up Coming Events

April 2024 – April 2025
Our first objective is to increase the representation of women across all levels of the business by 2%

May 31st, 2024  – We invite Mavis Mullins to speak
A prominent figure in New Zealand’s business and cultural landscape.

Mavis Mullins is renowned for her pioneering work in the wool industry, where she broke barriers and shattered stereotypes as a Māori woman. Through her leadership and vision, she transformed her family’s shearing business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, showcasing the power of determination and innovation.

Beyond her business success, Mavis Mullins is a passionate advocate for indigenous rights and economic development. Her commitment to empowering Māori communities and preserving cultural heritage aligns closely with our values at TW Group

april, 2024

Proudly established a Women in Leadership Group, fostering empowerment and representation at all levels of our organisation.

4 nationalities

Represented in our offices across various roles, enriching our workplace with diverse perspectives and talents.

60 women

Across our regions are employed at TW Group, contributing to our diverse and dynamic workforce.