TW Group are dedicated to sustainable building

Sustainable building in New Zealand goes far beyond having a consideration for the environment. It takes a dynamic approach to sustainability that includes providing safe working conditions for employees, shifting our focus to profitability based on sustainable building practices, respecting Māori cultural values and supporting the needs of a multicultural workforce. TW Group is dedicated to leading the way in the construction industry by putting these values at the forefront of each and every project we undertake.

Being good custodians of the planet

Construction is a large contributor to carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Construction companies use large amounts of energy to transport, install, demolish and build with materials. We are dedicated to finding new ways to use less energy, such as sourcing more local materials from renewable resources, such as the Radiata pine trees grown in the South Island, or working with materials that need less processing, or recycling products like concrete.

Providing safe and fair working conditions for people

Sustainability in the workplace is about taking the responsibility to provide equal employment opportunities, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexuality or gender. It’s about paying people a fair wage, supporting diversity and providing safe working environments so our employees can go home to their families each night.

Making sustainability profitable

Construction still needs to be profitable, otherwise it wouldn’t attract investors. The costs of construction come down to labour and materials, so we constantly seek ways to keep costs down and still build sustainably. We can do this by sourcing local materials, building more efficiently though standardisation, and innovating processes to save time, such as with prefabrication, which reduces labour times on site.

Building with purpose

Building with purpose is twofold. It encompasses taking a positive, proactive approach to sustainability in every aspect of our business, and it includes applying this approach to every building we erect. Sustainability flows on to the people living, using or working in a building. We factor in health and safety, creating comfortable environments, thermal efficiency for lower energy consumption and other factors, so the building itself supports continued sustainability for our people and planet.

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