Vitae Mental Health & Wellbeing Support

TW Group has partnered with Vitae to offer comprehensive mental health and wellbeing support for employees. This is a professional and confidential service, and fully funded by the business.

Vitae’s nationwide assistance team comprises professional clinicians, on-site support specialists, career specialists, coaches, and Registered Nurses – all with expertise in their field with many years of combined service.

How can a Vitae Professional assist you?

Experienced in dealing with a wide range of workplace issues such as workplace relations, change management, dispute resolution, and career assistance, as well as personal issues such as financial problems, family problems, stress, grief, alcoholism and depression, Vitae’s employee assistance specialists ensure that employees receive rapid and effective help when needed.


What Services does Vitae offer?

1. Career Coaching
2. Counselling
3. Dispute Resolution
4. Health and Wellbeing
5. Human Resource Support
6. Manager Equip
7. Onsite Support
8. Outplacement & Transition Services
9. Professional Supervision
10. Trauma Services
11. Interpreting Services
12. Peer Mentoring
13. Legal Assistance

How do I access Vitae Services?

To arrange phone, in-person, video or e-counselling support at a convenient time and location you can book Vitae either by phone, webpage, or mobile app.

Phone Number: 0508 664 981
Online Booking Portal: Book online here.
Mobile App: Download Vitae NZ (Apple compatible only).


How many sessions am I entitled to?

Each employee is entitled to three (3) fully funded sessions per issue. Immediate family members can access up to three (3) counselling sessions per annum with manager approval.