Habit Health (EAP) General Wellbeing Support

TW Group has partnered with Habit Health for their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This is a professional and confidential service, and fully funded by the business.

The purpose of this service is to assist you if you are experiencing any personal or work-related difficulties. EAP Services Professionals are all qualified, registered and highly experienced EAP Specialists.


How can an EAP Professional assist you?

EAP serves to enhance your work and life outcomes by offering a wide range of programmes which deliver brief, solution focused support and practical strategies to assist you.

What Services does EAP offer?

1. Counselling
2. Financial Guidance
3. Career Guidance
4. Legal Guidance
5. Fitness Coaching (Rehab Coach)
6. Nutritional Support (Dietitian)
7. Sleep and Fatigue Health Coaching (Nurse)
8. QuitHelp – Smoking & Vaping (Nurse)
9. Healthy Heart Support (Nurse)

How do I access EAP Services?

To arrange phone, in-person, video or e-counselling support at a convenient time and location you can book EAP Services either by phone, webpage, or mobile app.

Phone Number: 0800 327 669
Website: www.eapservices.co.nz
Online Booking Portal: Book online here.
Mobile App: Download HabitHealth+.

HabitHealth+ is a free-to-register mobile app which provides an accessible and flexible method of accessing EAP support. As well as securing appointments, the HabitHealth+ mobile app provides a range of information, including wellbeing check-ups, reading resources, and FAQs.

How many sessions am I entitled to?

Each employee is entitled to three (3) fully funded sessions per issue. With permission from the employee, immediate family members may access the service utilising the employee’s entitlement.